My PiYo Review

'Thinking About Buying Chalene Johnson's PiYo Workouts?'

If you are then this is a must read….because what I found might shock you! ★★✩✩✩

piyo reviewMy review is different to all the other raving PiYo reviews out there because I decided NOT to buy it…Keep reading because here is the real truth about Chalene Johnson and her PiYo workouts.

If you’ve already read some of the PiYo reviews and so called testimonials on blogs or other websites, then you might have noticed a similar pattern. After their reviews they all have HUGE links saying BUY HERE or CLICK HERE NOW TO VISIT OFFICIAL WEBSITE..

Why is this a problem?

Well after visiting their links I found that most (not all) of the reviews on other blogs are affiliate links. What do you mean by that you ask?

Well many of these people make money when you buy from their link, …but how do you know that they are not simply promoting a product so they can get paid?? AHHHHHH! Sorry but it really makes me mad when I see this.

bikini bodyHi, my name is Debbie and I’m a single mom of two boys. I’m also a carer for my mother who has cerebral palsy and for the past 2 years I’ve struggled with my weight.

With such a busy lifestyle I have very little time, or money to go to the gym so I needed a good workout routine for women that was fun, easy and I could fit into my busy schedule.

I first heard about Chalene Johnson and her PiYo workouts via a Beach Body advertisement on T.V. and like all of their ads there was a lot of hype and promises..

Thing is, their ad almost got me because I had done yoga in the past and I heard a lot of good things about pilates, so I went online to find out some more information and well, that’s when I found all of those raving, hard to believe PiYo reviews..

Here’s some things that I have learnt when buying stuff online –

  1. Always do your homework.
  2. Read the fine print
  3. Just because a celebrity endorses something, it doesn’t mean it’s the best product out there!
  4. And ALWAYS shop around…

I myself, always search for reviews of the products I buy online and that’s why I am writing this review for you guys because hopefully it will help you.

Now, I’m not saying that Chalene Johnson is a scam or her program doesn’t work because I personally didn’t buy it. It may well and truly be a good workout BUT for the price ($72.80), all the mixed reviews and knowing that some people are being paid for their reviews – it really put me off!

Another thing that really turned me off was the heavy promotion and push on buying additional products such as BeachBody Strength Slides and Charlene Johnson’s Hardcore on the Floor DVD. All of this put together = $132.60 which to me is just ridiculous, especially when there are better programs out there for a quarter of the price..

dislikeI’m sorry if you’re a PiYo workout lover or you really like Chalene Johnson but I wouldn’t pay $72.80 for her program..
BUT, whatever you do – don’t get disheartened because I did eventually find something that I myself really enjoy and it helped me get my body and mind back in the best shape I’ve ever been in and that’s all thanks to my good friend Karen, who recommended I should try Toned In Ten (Which only cost $19). 

The main reason I decided to buy Toned in Ten by Erin Nielson is because her story is real and she’s not some celebrity who’s probably been in great shape all of their life or has the money to have full time personal trainers and nutritionists.

The PiYo Alternative That Is Working For Me! ★★★★

toned in ten program I useHere is why Erin Nielson and her Toned in Ten system is working so well for me…

  1. I can easily fit this in my day and it’s like having my own yoga instructor at home..
  2. I can follow along with on my iPad, iPhone or I can watch it on my T.V
  3. There is no need to go to the gym or use expensive gym equipment!
  4. The Toned in Ten community is so helpful and friendly.

On Erin Nielson’s website you can see other people’s results and testimonials and she also has a lot more information if you’re interested. One thing that really convinced me to buy her guide is how much she has included.

For the $19 you get videos, e-Books, audio files, charts the LOT and what I’ve been following the most lately (which is working a treat), is the Everyday Flow videos.

My Results So Far – 6 Weeks Progress

results shapeshifter yoga

I am almost 40 which is scary and was finding it hard to stay in shape but after following Erin’s program for just over 6 weeks I have already noticed a huge difference in my skin, my body and my well being!

This is just 6 weeks in and my friends and family are already noticing. I’ve finally got my confidence back again and now I’ve started seeing the results there is no turning back. Thank goodness I found Erin’s Toned in Ten!

try piyo reviewsI told some of my friends the tips from Erin’s guides and they are hooked as well. Ohh and don’t worry I’ve shouted Karen dinner and bought her a bunch of flowers for recommending the Toned in Ten guides. Erin Nielson’s program is doing wonders for me and it’s way CHEAPER than PiYo, which is why I think it’s so popular as well.

For $19 you do get a lot for your money. I’ve read a lot of reviews and there is nothing but positive reviews all round which is another reason why I decided to get my own copy.

What I also like about it is, it’s not some celebrity endorsed product…real everyday people are using and and they’re real reviews. Some of the positive Piyo reviews I’ve seen just look fake, kind of like the fake, rehersed looking testimonials you seecommercial if you know what I mean.

Toned in Ten is $19 and there is a lot included as well, especially compared to what’s included in the Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Workout which will cost you over $70!

My PiYo Review Conclusion

If you are hell bent on buying Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Workout then I’m sorry if this wasn’t the kind of raving PiYo review like most other reviews, but I had to put this out there for people who are sick of seeing fake/to good to be true looking reviews..

I hope this helped you in some way and if it did I would really appreciate if you could Like or Share this page to get the word out.

Have a good day ladies xx.

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