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me at beachNot everyone can get to the gym or even afford it and that’s including myself. So today I want to share with you a really good yoga workout for home that you can do any time in the comfort of your own home.

Forget about expensive gym fees, expensive and bulky gym equipment and don’t even bother with those quick fix infomercials that promise the world because these exercise programs will not only get you into amazing shape they actually WORK – I am proof of that!

Keep reading to see my results after just 3 weeks! Never in my life have I been more happier, confident and felt this sexier. And to think, this is only the beginning!

Shapeshifter yoga- The Perfect Program So You Can Do Yoga At Home

ShapeShifter Yoga

Being a Mom, and also, I confess I am a food lover, I really needed a convenient way to get my body back into shape and keep in shape.

The yoga workout also needed to be affordable, and I did not want to pay an arm and a leg for something that I was not 100% sure I was going to, A, Be happy with and B, and probably most importantly, see some quick and solid results within as little time possible.

Shapeshifter Yoga, a new Yoga Training Program developed by Kristine Fondran (Kris Fondran), is a workout that is pretty much a Yoga workout that has been modified to be more efficient.

When I say modified I mean it’s a science-based Yoga workout that focuses more on the fat-burning, and muscle toning, and cuts out all the pain and nonsense.

This makes Shapeshifter Yoga ideal for people like me, who only have limited time on their hands for working out, and really want to get and see results fast. Burning fat and becoming both physically and mentally was a real chore, but now it’s been made possible and it’s not as hard or expensive as i thought it would be which is awesome.

Kris FondranThe creator of the Shapeshifter Yoga workout program, Kris Fondran, not only has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, she also has certifications and accreditations in the art of Yoga, from some of the world’s top Yoga organisations and institutions, including Satyananda Yoga and Yoga Alliance.

Her yoga workout has even been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine and Shape magazine, who all agree that Kris is one of the top Yoga instructors in the world today. You can tell that a lot of thought has been put into creating this unique yoga workout, and after the first couple of sessions, you just know that you are going to see results, and that you’ve made the right choice and chose the right training program.

Shapeshifter Yoga is split into two awesome routines which are “Shapeshifter Yoga”, and “Shapeshifter Flow“.

Starting off with the “Shapeshifter Yoga” routine, 3 times a week, for the first 6 weeks, will help develop your posture and flexibility, which is in fact preparation for the more advanced and more difficult, “Shapeshifter Flow” poses. After a good 4 to 6 weeks of some basic, but important poses, it’s time to try your hand with the Shapeshifter Flow poses.  So now you will be doing Shapeshifter Flow as well as the main Shapeshifter Yoga, making this your regular routine from then on.

It’s all about pain-free movement, focus, agility and energy . To help with a long term transformation, you will also learn how to stretch and have fun doing it at the same time. Kris also focuses on the difference between a session that “hurts so good” against one that “just plain hurts”, and when you separate these to thing and cut out the bad stuff, it all becomes easy in a way.

Obviously every part of our body is not going to be able to do every Yoga pose without some type of discomfort, but with the Shapeshifter Yoga workouts you get important and detailed information on what you can expect to feel with each pose, so you can be confident that you can do the exercise and are not going to seriously hurt yourself.

Here are my results from just 3 weeks following Kris Fondran’s program doing yoga at home.

results shapeshifter yoga

As you can see, I’m more toned and lost weight in my butt, arms legs and tummy. I’ve noticed that I’m a LOT stronger and flexible as well, but best of all I’m noticing my cellulite is almost all gone! I’m not the only one with great results though, you can see on other testimonials and before and after pics here.

My main goal was to tone up but after 3 weeks I really do feel amazing. I mean, seriously..I’m less stressed and I feel really good about myself. If you’ve never tried yoga or never thought yoga was for you do yourself a favour and jump on the yoga bandwagon because this stuff really works!

ShapeShifter Yoga is perfect for beginners too. I myself am a beginner and I’m really surprised at just how fast I’m picking it up. Kris Fondran is a fantastic trainer and watching her videos it feels like I’m right there with her.

If you have any questions or want to know more about how I am going please feel free to leave a comment below, follow my blog or even share on facebook or twitter. I am more than happy to help!

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