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me at beachSo I had a great heart to heart with an old friend a couple of months ago who had been down in the dumps for quite a while (a good year or so after a bad break-up).

She lives around 200 miles away from me, in my old home town, which I only just started visiting a bit more often over the last few months, still not as much as should or would like to, but more than I have visited in years. Life just gets away on us, and time seems to fly, more quickly as we get older.

Anyway Sarah had went down the same road as me with the bad diet and lack of exercise, and her divorce had just exacerbated the problem. When we first run into each other at a cafe in town, I honestly did not recognise her at first, she wasn’t the happiest of people at the time, but the old Sarah was still in there.
I invited her to join me for a coffee the next day to catch up a bit after she explained to me that she had been going through a pretty rough time, and that a lot of things were an effort these days because of her lack of energy and because of how busy she was with her 3 kids, one of which was a teenage girl that was giving Sarah a bit of a hard time due to the break up.

I could tell by her physical appearance that she didn’t get enough exercise, and she probably didn’t have a good diet. I was actually worried that she might have been suffering from depression.

Sarah and I had so much in common, it was like talking to the old me when I was going through my ups and downs. I’m really glad I could help an old friend out and I love that we still keep in touch..

The next day I was surprised that when we ordered something to eat for lunch, she was pretty health conscious, at least she seemed to be, and she ordered pretty healthy. She mentioned that she wish she had more time to exercise, or that she could find an exercise program that would suit her lifestyle, which was remarkably similar to mine.

In fact she was in almost an identical situation as I was before i started using Kris Fondran’s ShapeShifter Yoga Program, being out of shape and fed up with trying so many different things to try to get into shape.

Sarah had tried Tae Bo, but said that it was way to physically hard for her to get into, let alone keep up with going to and attending the classes when the instructor had them on. She also said she had joined a local gym at least 3 times in between the times she had had her babies lol, and boy I could relate to that! “What a waste of money“, we said laughing at each other.

Although I had never tried Tae Bo myself, she said it was too expensive for her, especially when she wasn’t able to show up for every class (or didn’t want to), and when had shown up, she often couldn’t do anything for ages after her class because she was so sore from it.

So we both had a fair bit in common. I mentioned to Sarah that I had tried all sorts of things over the years as well, including Yoga and Pilates. I told her how I started looking into some better solutions to my ongoing problems. I told her how I almost purchased the PiYo program, until I had second thoughts because of the price, and after reading some really bad reviews about the program.

Then I asked Sarah if she would like some info about the ShapeShifter Yoga Exercise Program I had started using and had seen some great results with, and she was more than happy to take some of my advice and try it out. She was so happy that it was under $20, because she really wasn’t willing to spend any more than that, on any form of training or exercise programs after the history she had had with them. I told Sarah how easy it was getting hold of the Kris Fondran ShapeShifter Yoga Program and told her how to do so.

Anyway we got a photo on my phone that day at the cafe of the both of us together, and I’m so glad we did, because yesterday I visited Sarah before I left to come home from another trip to my old stomping ground and I could not believe my eyes when I saw her. I mean we talk all the time online and I think I have seen her in person maybe twice since our lunch date, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Sarah this time round.

sarahShe told me she had started using ShapeShifter Yoga almost immediately when she got the program, but to tell you the truth I didn’t expect her to look as hot as she did! It’s only been about 2 months, maybe a couple of weeks longer, but she looks amazing! Here is a before and after photo she sent me( Sarah was more than happy to let me share the photo with you gals )

She had mentioned to me on Facebook that she was a lot happier and that she was feeling a lot better because of the exercise program, but I never imagined that she would see as good as the results that I had, in what seemed to be less time. (Hi Sarah if You are reading I am proud of you and you look fabulous xox)

She gave me the biggest hug yesterday out of gratitude for “Hooking Her Up“, with ShapeShifter Yoga, saying that it had, “in a way, changed My life“, and I could see that it really had done just that. Because Sarah has stuck to the program, she has started to physically transform her body. She not only looks slimmer, but she looks fit.

Her face looks younger already, and her baby belly that like me, she thought would never go away, is starting to disappear completely. She said she still isn’t eating 100% healthy and jokes that she probably never will, but now she has time to work off some of those naughty meals and calories through the week.

The best part about seeing Sarah, was seeing her happy compared to how she was the day we first caught up. I mean she was almost a different person to that day, she was the old Sarah again. I could tell that her mental state was so much better than what is was a couple of months back. This made me feel great about myself as well, because I could have kept ShapeShifter all to myself, but I’m sure glad I didn’t.

What Sarah has done has only proved to me once more, that I had made the right decision in my choice of exercise programs, and it was great to see someone else getting results again from ShapeShifter Yoga. And all for under $20! I look forward to seeing how good she looks in another couple of months time.

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