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Ok it’s time for us to really think about training programs as the main way to keep our weight down for good, because this is one of the main issues we face as humans in modern society today.

no junk foodWith advertising throwing images of delicious foods in our face, constantly, and wherever we go, it’s kinda hard not to have a cheat meal more often than we should, and let’s face it, it’s so much easier buying take-away than cooking all the time, especially when we have kids, or we are just too exhausted from work and lack of sleep etc.

Since discussing Yoga with lots of other people, and when doing the research I have done on the ancient exercise program, I have found that there are roughly 2 different opinions when it comes to Yoga for weight loss, and then there is the people in between that just absolutely love doing it for every obvious health benefit.

Yoga QuoteOne strong opinion that I found when talking to my friends, gym instructors, gym junkies and even my doctors, and also doing some online research, is that “Yoga is great for stress relief, but way too complex”, yet “not physical enough to be a total weight loss program on it’s own”.

But the majority of opinions from people was that “Yoga is perfect for weight loss“, and that “YOGA is all we need for losing weight and keeping in shape“. One thing I noticed about the people who stated this is, they all done yoga themselves and all of them had amazing bodies..You know the type – lean, toned and slim…

BUT, I guess all of the people’s opinions are correct in some way, because everyone is different, and live very different lifestyles to one and other, but if done correctly, Yoga, and more significantly ShapeShifter Yoga IS IDEAL FOR WEIGHT LOSS (in my opinion), for me and my way of living.

Of course if we stick to a strict diet and do these exercises correctly and constantly, when we are meant to, and don’t stop, then over time, surely this must mean that Yoga is PERFECT for Weight loss, with the extra benefits of relieving the stress of our everyday lives, and also extra flexibility (which is a bit of a bonus, especially in the bedroom lol).

Keep reading because I’m about to show you the exact yoga for weight loss course that got me totally hooked and I’m seeing real results. Now when I look in the mirror I feel sexy, confident and ready to take on the world…

me at beachI haven’t been as strict when it comes to my diet, and this is one of the main ways I personally know that Yoga is working for me when it comes to weight Loss, fitness, flexibility, and all combined has lead to a less stressful, much calmer me .

What I noticed most of all so far (by taking photos regularly of myself in the mirror), is my thighs started to virtually shrink, my stomach also shrinking, around my neck seemed to tone and become more toned and my favorite part, my boobs seemed to have lifted, and all with no plastic surgery and no botox lol.

For $19, ShapeShift Yoga for me is the best thing that I have done in years and I hope I can share my journey from becoming a moody, depressed, overweight and out of shape Mother, who almost gave up on getting into shape, to becoming a much happier, healthier, toned and fit , how do you say, MILF lol. I might sound on myself a little, but I honestly have some real confidence today compared to a few months back, and it’s all thanks to Yoga.

To All Those Who Think Yoga Is No Good For Weight Loss….

Here are my results so far which I’m very proud of. I was really shocked at just how fast I saw results because normally I find it hard to lose weight in the most stubborn areas!

results shapeshifter yoga

As you can see by my photos above, I still have some work to do, but if you look at the photo on the right, you can see the difference in my stomach, arms, legs and especially, my neck, which is what I was talking about when it came to my face’s bone structure. You can definitely see my jaw bone above my neck is a lot more prominent in the picture on the right, compared to the earlier pic on the left.

This is because when doing the Yoga exercises, you get to work almost every muscle in your body, even around the neck area, which is awesome for someone like me, and I know a lot of people who are in the same boat when it comes to the dreaded double chin and extra meat around the neck area. Best of all, I feel, not only more flexible, but stronger and fitter already.

Yoga To Lose WeightWhen doing some research on the scientific aspects of how Yoga helps to burn off fat and with weight loss, one of the main reasons I came across for how and why Yoga for weight loss works is that studies have shown that when doing Yoga regularly and correctly, the method lowers the levels of stress hormones in the human body, and increases the insulin sensitivity-a signal in the body, which in turn burns the food we eat for fuel for the body instead of allowing it to turn into fat.

Most traditional Yoga routines are strongly based on breathing techniques, which are also paired with static poses, so yoga is not too physical for someone around my age or older. In fact this makes yoga ideal for all ages in my opinion, and I guess that is why I like it so much, and why Yoga is working for me!

Try It For Yourself, The Only Thing You Will Lose Is The Weight 😀

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I liked writing about it. I’m learning a lot from Kris Fondron’s ShapeShifter Yoga it’s the only guide I’ve actually been able to follow without giving up in the first 2 days 😀

Kris’s program is perfect for beginners which is why I really enjoy it, plus I can do it all at home without any pressure. She just makes it feel she is right there with you. For $19 you can’t go wrong!

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Hi, I'm Debbie and I'm a mom of 2 adorable boys. I enjoy blogging and have recently taken a real liking to Yoga and how the mind works. Why not follow me and my journey and take on the Yoga challenge for yourself :D

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